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Wednesday, November 4, 2009


We all wanted to wish you a very happy birthday. I wanted to surprise you and and drive there and take you out to dinner. I guess just saying that we love you very much and hope that you had a great day and a Happy Birthday will have to be enough. We love you.
Love, Dennis Lori and family

Jayla the princess

Jayla feels like a princess since she gets dressed up all the time in pink and cute dresses. She looks so cute in all of them.

True Bronocs Fans

Jayden and Jayla are true Bronocs fans. They dressed up for the Halloween party at Northern. He was the player and she was the cheerleader. They looked cute.


Jayden and Syrus had fun on Halloween Trick-or-Treating. I watched Jayla and Tevyn because it was really windy. Jayden was a Denver Broncos player, Syrus was a Cowboy, Tevyn was a horse, and Jayla was a pink leopard. We tried to take a picture of all four of them together but they would not cooperate all at the same time.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Day Hab Party

At the clients Day Hab (Northern) they had a Halloween Party. All the boys dressed up and they had a pizza party and games and contests. They had fun and I took the pictures. Chris dressed up as winged reaper, Clayton was an evil clown, Eric was Michael Jackson, Jesse was a werewolf, and Ryan was a zombie. They had fun. Bill was a state trooper and he arrested Michael Jackson. They had fun.

Beauty While Hunting

Dennis is now taking after me. He is starting to stop and take pictures of the beautiful scenes around him while hunting. He never used to do this. I think that I am rubbing off on him. He took them all to bring home to show me since he knew that I would like them. He took some awesome pictures while hunting. WOW!!!!

Wayne's Buck Deer

Wayne really wanted to get a big whitetail buck this year. Before bow hunting opened he took video pictures of a really big and tall whitetail. But during the bow season he never saw it close enough to shoot at it. Then rifle season started and he still wanted a big one, but after all the goat hunting and rock climbing, his legs and feet were so sore that he did not want to keep deer hunting and settled for this one. It still wasn't bad but at least he is done deer hunting.